Michael Orwick

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Michael Orwick
Judge For: 7th Annual Competition Month #8 - September 2013

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 Growing up in the Oregon Cascades and the Willamette Valley, nature and the landscape have had a profound impact on Michael Orwick. He has always been inspired by the ability of landscapes to tell stories.

Michael's career in art started in animation at Will Vinton Studios and moved quickly into illustration, where he enjoyed bringing the ideas of others to life. As is true for many creative people, Michael was drawn to develop his own signature style of "Inspired Expressionism," painting his ideas on canvas and inviting the viewer to provide the narrative. 
Orwick is a master of creating mood through atmosphere and color, utilizing space, a sense of place, and time of day to convey his vision. His work hints at a story and it is what he leaves untold that that engages the viewer in the creative process of storytelling. He often hears that people feel as if they have "seen this place before".
Orwick's paintings offer the chance to return and explore a special place that lingers in memory and imagination.
Artist Statement ...
There is a reason we are drawn toward beauty. It is the language of God and nature.
Nothing more provocative than beauty ? it inspires deep reflection and motivates me to create.

I blend from a primary color palette, painting wet into wet and with layers, to both reveal and hide what lies behind; in this way I entice you into the painting. I love it when people share the feeling and stories my paintings evoke. It is my sincere wish that you will want to revisit these beautiful locations and painterly stories again and again.