Barry John Raybould

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Barry John Raybould
Judge For: 5th Annual Competition Month #10 - July 2011

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Barry John Raybould, M.A. is known for his expressive brushwork,  color harmony and composition, exhibiting his work internationally in Europe, the United States, and China. Drawing inspiration from his travels around the world, his work strikes a contemporary fusion between realism and abstraction and is notable for its communication of mood and emotion. He is the author of a comprehensive four-year learning program for artists called the Virtual Art Academy®, designed as a downloadable self-study alternative to attending a traditional art school.

Originally from England, Raybould lived in the United States for many years and was one of the original founder members of a group of California's Central Coast artists known as the 'Informalists', and an artist member of the prestigious California Art Club. Acknowledged by both jurors and by other artists, he has garnered a long list of awards for his work, and participated in many juried exhibitions and museum shows.

He is a regular column writer for the  international art journal called International Artist Magazine, and has written extensively on the subject of notan, composition, brushwork, color, and the relationship of poetry and music to painting.

Amongst his influences he cites Turner, Constable, Corot, Monet, Sorolla, Sargent,  the American Impressionists such as Bischoff, Payne, and Ritschel, the Canadian painters known as the Group of Seven, the Bay Area Figurative Painters, especially Diebenkorn, the Russian Impressionists, and the art of China.


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