Kathryn Stats

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Kathryn Stats
Judge For: 6th Annual Competition Month #2 - January 2012

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     Wandering  the rural Utah countryside on her horse until her early twenties, Kathryn Stats has developed a keen eye for the landscape and nature. Kathryn started out by painting the familiar rural landscapes of her childhood, but curious about new subject matter, she eventually began to make road trips into Southern Utah, becoming more and more enthralled with the powerful red rock formations.

     Her work is very much her own, not really echoing the styles of any of the Utah painters with whom she studied. Although her red rock paintings remain among her most coveted compositions, collectors seem to respond positively to any subject she paints.

      Kathryn has traveled to and painted the coastal areas of California and Oregon as well as Alaska, Russia, Spain, Italy, and France. She says of her style, "I try not to get too comfortable working in a particular size or subject matter because I feel that comfort leads to dullness. For this reason, I'm always looking for fresh territory."  The Arizona Republic writes, "Kathryn Stats is a Utah artist whose best landscapes are a complete pleasure. The paint in them is given over to the subject and you know that Stats doesn't feel the need for any gimmicks to get her point across. Direct, honest, and sensuous, they are the work of a genuine painter."

      Kathryn has participated in Wide Skies-Recent Art of the American West held in Beijing, China; American Art in Miniature at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma; American Miniatures Show at Settlers West Galleries in Tucson, Arizona; and Maynard Dixon Country in Mr. Carmel, Utah, where she received the "Edith Hamlin Award" in 2006. Kathryn's art is in permanent collections of the International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art in San Antonio, Texas, and Springville Museum of Art in Springville, Utah.

      Kathryn has been featured in Western Art Collector, Art of the West, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, Plein Air Painters Magazine, Southwest Art, and in books: Utah Art, Utah Artists: 150 Years Survey and Painters of Utah's Canyons and Deserts. She is represented by Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, Texas, where she has had sold out exhibitions from 2003-2008.